Grassick works with listed and private companies, government corporations and not-for-profit enterprises in three important areas:


Are you satisfied that your enterprise is well-placed to deal with the uncertainties of a post-GFC world?

Are you facing the uncertainties of bringing new technologies to market in the "two-speed" economy?

Are you taking the best advantage of the fundamental shifts that are taking place between Europe, the US and emerging Asia?

Using a unique methodology which applies the latest strategic thinking, tempered by many years of business experience, we work with clients to assess the market, understand the organisation’s current position, in order to determine a focused strategic direction.  We have had extensive experience in both process-intensive and large-scale industrial processes and the economic evaluation and commercialisation of new technologies.


Does your board and senior management understand what sustainability is about?

Does your enterprise have a program in place to deal with the uncertainty of evolving government policy and regulation on water, energy, and environmental management?

Is your organisation ready to confront the complexities and cost of climate change, carbon trading, and increasing environmental regulation?

Organisations are struggling to find their way forward in this highly complex and far-reaching area.

Grassick has focussed on these issues since they first emerged from the Brundtland Report, published in 1987. We have provided solutions to the senior levels of enterprises across a range of sectors — government, industrial companies (including one of the world's largest resources companies), engineering firms, universities, and service providers.


Does your board have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of today's corporate governance requirements?

Does your board function to its optimum?  Does it have the right mix of skills and personalities?

Does your board evaluate its own performance and develop the skills both of individual directors and the board as a team?

Working for over fifteen years with multiple clients across highly complex issues, Grassick has developed a powerful, comprehensive model of governance.  This provides a distinctive, practical framework for implementing best-practice governance principles.

Engaging closely with the board (in particular, the chairman), we provide guidance on optimal board structure (skills, experience, dynamics), succession planning, board processes, and performance.

Why use Grassick?

We offer the quality of work comparable to top-tier advisory firms, built on the unique knowledge gained from experience in senior executive management and board roles in both ASX-listed and private companies, and in not-for-profit enterprises.  We can contribute to your success by:

  • completing the assignment to your time-frame without distracting key people from the business;
  • identifying effective solutions that give immediate benefit;
  • bringing  fresh insights to your enterprise, using our extensive experience gained from living and working in Australia, the US, Europe, and Asia.

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