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Sustainability and Sustainable Development : philosophical distinctions and practical implicationsEnvironmental Values; 23 , February 2014, 7-28.  (Co-authored with Emeritus Prof J.G. Petrie, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Sydney and Dr C. B. Christensen, Dept. of Philosophy, Australian National University).

Towards a practical philosophy of engineering: dealing with the complex problem from the sustainability discourse; Forum on the Philosophy of Engineering and Technology (fPET-2012); Beijing, 1-4 November 2012

Towards a modern engineering ethical framework: the foundations of Western engineering ethics; Forum on the Philosophy of Engineering and Technology (fPET-2012); Beijing, 1-4 November 2012

How to revive Australia’s manufacturing sector; Engineers Australia; 84, 11, November 2011, 36-37

Big city, big challenge; The Chemical Engineer; 845, November 2011, 44-46

A review of the philosophy of engineering; Engineers Australia; 84, 9, September 2011, 50-51.

Sydney’s water, sewerage and drainage system; Journal & Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, 144, 439 & 440, 3–25.

A problem-structuring method for complex societal decisions : its philosophical and psychological dimensions, Hector, Christensen, & Petrie, European Journal of Operational Research, 193, 3, 693-706, 16 March 2009, [doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2007.06.058]

New perspectives on governance structures : judgement and ethical decision-making for boards, Ethical Excellence in the Public Sector, Sydney, Australia, 19–20 February 2009

Invited Green Paper, The Start of the Road: Sustainable Metropolitan Water Systems, A report to the Institution of Chemical Engineers, October 2008 [Read at Chemeca 2008, Newcastle, Australia – 29 September 2008 and ChemEng08, Birmingham, UK, 30 October 2008]

Towards a New Philosophy of Engineering : structuring the complex problems from the sustainability discourse; Donald Hector; Doctoral thesis; University of Sydney; March 2008

A Problem-Structuring Method for Complex Societal Decisions : its philosophical and psychological dimensions, (Hector, Christensen, & Petrie), invited paper, Euro XXI, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2-5 July, 2006

Sustainability, Risk, and Corporate Governance, The Safety Conference, Sydney, Australia, 26–28 October 2005

Problem Structuring for Complex Sustainability Decisions : the case of Sydney’s water supply, (Hector, Christensen, & Petrie), 7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Glasgow, Scotland, 10-14 July, 2005

Complex problem-solving in major sustainable development projects : philosophical and psychological influences (Hector & Petrie),  Chemeca 2004,  Australian Technology Park, 27-29 September, 2004

Sydney’s Water Supply : How should engineers take the leadership role in solving complex, technological problems?  (Hector & Christensen) Engineering Leadership 2004, Sydney Convention Centre, 23-24 September, 2004

Sydney’s Water, Sewerage, and Drainage : a Brief Historical Overview and BackgroundEngineering Leadership 2004, Sydney Convention Centre, 23-24 September, 2004

Engineering Practice in the 21st Century: Philosophical and Social ChallengesEngineering Leadership 2004, Sydney Convention Centre, 23-24 September, 2004

Successful Business Succession - Succession Planning for Small and Medium Business

Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility : Corporate Citizenship Approaches to Corporate Governance — a comparison of corporate governance policy in some Western countries.  Client briefing paper.

Sustainability: An Overview — client briefing paper

Decision-Making, Judgment and Governance — client briefing paper

Sustainability, Planning and Strategy for Not-For-Profit Organisations — client briefing paper

Due Diligence in Venture Capital Financing — client briefing paper

Venture Capital Investment in Australia: an overview and key issues for entrepreneurs — client briefing paper

Profiting from Uncertainty: increasing board effectiveness through controlling and reducing risk, Local Government Human Resources Conference, Port Macquarie, NSW, November  2002

A Model for Assessing the Sustainability of Organisations, 9th Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress; Christchurch, NZ, September 2002

The Future of the Chemical Engineering Profession in Asia/Pacific, 9th Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress; Christchurch, NZ, September 2002

Principles of Crisis Management The Specialty Chemicals Industry in Australia and New Zealand, 6th World Congress of Chemical Engineering; Melbourne, September 2001

Responsible Care and Product Stewardship, 2nd Australian Chemical Summit, Melbourne; July 1999

Minor Product – Global Headlines: A Case Study of the Gel-Filled Silicone Breast Implant Issue, Conference of the Australian Chemical Industry Council, Leura, NSW, February, 1994.